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Tom Brady and other celebrities secret to staying young: biohacking

Celebrities know best, that's why they're always right about everything from fashion to politics to workout regimens (Chris Hemsworth got that Thor body with nothing more than a chicken-and-rice diet and a little weight lifting, you haters!) But they may actually be onto something pretty smart and healthy this time - Biohacking.

In a recent article from, Dave Asprey, the self-proclaimed "father of biohacking", said recently in an interview:

"Biohacking is the science of changing the environment around you so that you have full control of your own biology. It allows you to get more results with less time. Instead of pushing and trying, you change things around you so that your body effortlessly gives you what you want, such as more energy or less fat or a better brain."

The article also discusses Tom Brady's biohacking routine that entails "a strict diet that avoids processed foods, sugar, gluten and dairy; drinking plenty of water; getting at least eight hours of sleep per night; doing resistance training; using infrared saunas; taking supplements; meditating; and practicing gratitude."

The article goes on to cite a handful of the most well-known and popular biohacking techniques including:

  • Cold plunging: exposing oneself to cold water or ice baths to stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation

  • Intermittent fasting: restricting food intake to certain hours of the day or days of the week to enhance metabolism and cellular repair

  • Blood testing: monitoring one's blood biomarkers such as glucose, cholesterol and hormones to optimize health outcomes

  • Meditation: practicing mindfulness techniques to calm the mind and improve focus

  • Nootropics: taking supplements or drugs that enhance cognitive functions such as memory, creativity and motivation


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