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The rebel scientist Story

Sarah Turner and Russ Eisenman created the world's first practical guide to biohacking.


As the Rebel Scientist, Sarah has experimented with every radical new approach to health. She is laser focused on developing a deeper understanding of one’s body, its natural rhythms, and quantifying treatments so that she can share it with her community.


Russ Eisenman is the novice biohacker; scared of everything but willing to try anything. He shares his fears, pains, and growth as Sarah's personal lab rat.


Each episode dives deep into the newest trends of wellness, nutrition, sleep, red light and so much more. All with the world's foremost leaders in biohacking.


They are a breath of fresh air at a time when everyone is taking more personal responsibility for their future!


Recently ranked Top 10 Must-Listen biohacking podcast by Feedspot.

Meet The Hosts

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Sarah Turner

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Russ eisenman

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