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Biohack Your Microbiome with Personalized Probiotics

You've heard of probiotics. But did you know you can now get probiotics customized for your needs?

A new article from Health News indicates that while diverse and large communities of microbes in our body can boost our health, a weak microbiome of unwanted or unhelpful bacteria can lead to chronic illness. This imbalance of flora in your intestines is called dysbiosis. However companies are seeking to offer solutions that can make a major positive impact on these imbalances and help combat dysbiosis.

"[U]nlike general products, personalized probiotics target the particular imbalance of your unique microbiome. Current studies suggest optimizing your microbial community helps you lose weight, improve sleep, fortify immunity, reduce stress, and boost energy. Precision probiotics targeted for your unique needs — also referred to as next-generation probiotics — may be the most effective way to optimize your microbial health."


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