For better health, your body needs an oil change: Bad oils out, good oils and nutrients in. Learn how in this new book from Udo Erasmus

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Scientific studies have shown that algae’s nutrients improve immune health, gut health, energy, longevity, nutrition and beauty. Algae also replaces your need for veggies.

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VivaRays provides you with holistic eco-friendly solutions to transform your sleep and energy

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Deliciously soft, slightly sweet and naturally alkaline, Aquene Springs Source Water is silica-rich, deuterium depleted, pristine primary water with a low surface tension.


Inside Tracker's cutting-edge algorithmic engine will analyze your blood, DNA, and lifestyle habits, and guide you to your goals with actionable recommendations.


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Young Goose is a skin regenerative therapy that corrects the cellular damage that has accumulated over time.

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Helpful for ailments in which energy is blocked, as also respiratory issues. The emitter's

micro-electronics are carefully integrated into a stylish round gemstone (Xtal), which can be inserted into the audio jack of smartphones.


The Mannavibes fi – Space is designed for the health professional to enable her/him to give the client a full immersion of frequencies in a defined Space at his/her practice.


Organic energy and functional drinks without all the sugar and artificial ingredients.

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Coronary heart disease is the most common type of heart disease, and the leading cause of heart attacks. Epi+Gen CHD is a patent-pending Next Generation test that assesses your near-term (3-year) risk for a heart attack. 

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Anti Aging Bed's proven, patented offerings reduce inflammation, accelerate rejuvenation, and help people better their lives.

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A completely pure and organic extract with scientific verification of the beneficial compounds in mushrooms.