Rebel Scientist 1:1 circadian health program

I will show you how to utilise all the positive sides of new technology – especially light devices –
while mitigating the downsides. The coaching program has a focus on mental wellness and shifting towards a more outdoor lifestyle.

  • Get one to one coaching at a pace you set yourself
  • Uniquely tailored and easy-to-follow health plan
  • Learn how to measure your own health and performance metrics 
  • Understand the possible root cause of your issue
  • Learn how to utilise the power the sun and embrace a more outdoor lifestyle
  • Integrate cutting edge technology into your wellness routine

Rebel Recommendations

Sarah has amassed a tremendous amount of solid technical and clinical understanding about the use of noninvasive neurotherapeutic approaches, especially those related to Photobiomodulation. I find her capacity to synthesize and communicate quite remarkable and greatly enjoy her way of thinking and devotion to science and proceeding from evidence. Sarah’s heart and soul are all about helping others and advancing the wellbeing of humanity, I would consider her a tremendous asset to any group lucky enough to gain her involvement.

Marvin H. Berman, PhD, CBT, Founder of QuietMIND Foundation & Associates

Sarah was one of the experts I interviewed for my course – 1st International Virtual Course on the Scientific Research & Writing on Scientific Publishing in Biomedical Sciences. She bought her skills on the correct use of English in Academic and Research Settings. Sarah and I were also interviewed for the Brain and Transcranial PBM online event, and since then have enjoyed exchanging ideas and thoughts on brain modulation using transcranial PBM. I would recommend Sarah for having expertise in this area.

Farzad Salehpour , Independent Researcher

It is with great pleasure that I acknowledge the amazing work of the amazing Sarah Turner. Sarah and I have spent much time together swapping ideas on the use of various brain stimulation techniques and ways to optimize brain function. She has helped my wife rid herself of a persistent four month long viral infection using Photo Bio Modulation, and she got me on the path to healing a number of areas that were affecting my health, like improving my gut heart-brain axis and turning pain off. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah for her knowledge and expertise in Photo Bio Modulation therapy, especially in the area of optimum brain health, and for her ever readiness to explore new ideas and implement suggested protocols. Sarah takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and she is a truly gifted as a coach to guide people in the selection and effective use of these new and fast developing, clinically proven, Third Millennium healing tools. You don’t have to know it all. Sarah can get you on the most desirable path for you, fast. On a personal note, we are happy to stand on the shoulders of this giant and ‘stack our hacks’ with her.

Dr. Clifford S. Saunders , Partner at The Brain Reprogramming Doctor

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