Rebel Scientist Podcast

Rebel Scientist Podcast



Rebel scientist is produced by Paul and Russ of ‘Breaking the Grey’.  

‘’BTG is a media network that showcases stories, voices, and revelations that inform, entertain, and inspires each and every one of us to take action in our lives and to actualize the best versions of ourselves.  A better you means a better world around you and a calmer more livable planet for all of us’’ Paul M Wood and Russ Eisenman.

In this podcast, Sarah will share her secrets to restore and strengthen your health through alternative therapies like Red Light Therapy, Foraging, Microdosing, Chronobiology, and Remote Healing. 

In Season 2 Sarah opens up her little black book and introduces some of her favourite people who are not only talking the talk – but walking the walk with regards to living according to the rules of nature – true rebels doing it their way – you might just learn something cool!